The Foundation was informed about a girl-child of 11 years who was missing. We interviewed her and found out that she has bruises all over her body, we inquired to know what happened to her and she made us know that the woman (Mrs. Yetunde Akanbi) whom she stays with used to bite her whenever she is beating her. She was made to do so much house chores; she eats little or nothing daily.

Though Rukayat is 11 year-old but she looks so much like a 6-7 year-old child because of malnutrition. We took her to Ayobo police station where her mother’s sister (Mrs. Yetunde Akanbi who has two children, (two boys) and heavily pregnant was arrested and she confessed to biting Rukayat, she said she did that the day Rukayat defecated on her body. She was detained but was later released when she wrote an undertaking to enroll her in a school and also take proper care of her, which she did.

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