11 year-old Promise is one of 5 children whose mother abandoned with their father due to his constant beating and maltreatment. She initially left with them until she met a man who wanted to marry her but on the condition that she returned the children to their father and she did, from then the children began to experience hell on earth. The father will lock them up in a room, without food and go out, upon his return if they have messed up the room, he will ask them to eat their feaces. They never went to school or given proper care. Promise ran away from home after a while and began roaming the street, living in an abandoned building with

a street dog. He fed on what he got from begging until we were called into the matter. It took us a while before we located where he used to sleep through the help of local vigilantes. We took him to Ministry of Women Affairs & Poverty Alleviation (WAPA) but we were told nothing could be done unless they see his father

So, Promise was kept with the Good Samaritan that called us, while the search for his father continued. The Foundation took care of his needs, feeding, clothing etc. while with the woman but he kept running off for about a day or two because he is used to street life which made the woman worried and she kept calling us. We assured her that he will be back and he did but one day he went off for about four days and the woman couldn’t bear it anymore so she took him back to WAPA (because she went with us the first time) and he was taken from her and kept in one of their homes in Igando. Promise’s father was eventually caught with the other three children, he is in jail now for child abuse and neglect, he still threatened to deal with them whenever he is released, while all the children are in a home under the care of WAPA.

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