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I am a co-owner of the ore meji bitters company, my husband happened to be my partner. We have been in the business for over (10  )years, whose customers cut across the states without molestation of any kind, hence I am constrain to bring to your notice about the inhuman act perpetuated against me and my six children by their father Mr. Anthony Udoku Chibogu for your timely intervention in order to save our souls.

She wrote to intimate Jashabel Foundation with her present predicament in the hands of Mr. Anthony Chibogu, who is threatening fire and brimstone that he will not rest until he sniff life out of me without trace, thereby taking over the family business and also will trace where I am staying to kidnap the children and destroy me without any traceable evidence to him. Also that her life and that of her six children (three boys and three girls) are not save in his hand, hence she deemed it very imperative to inform our highly exalted Foundation for necessary action in order to nip his menaces in the bud before it gets out of hand. Mr Chibogu was invited to the PUBLIC ADVICE CENTER, Alausa Ikeja, he insisted that he was going to take his children and that he doesn’t want to marry Pascaline again. We demanded to know why but he said he does not have any reason. We took the case to Bar. Femi Falanas chambers, they tried several measures and discovered that the husband has carefully removed her from all of the companies documents. They decided to empower her to start something while the strategies to get what rightly belongs is been put in place… The case is still on going…