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Ogechi, False Marriage And Abduction

The Foundation also handled the case between a woman and a young girl she supposedly married for her autistic son. The young girl was pregnant before the woman came to take her from the village.

After giving birth to twin girls the woman started maltreating her and turned her to her house maid even in her nursing mother state. She was deprived of adequate feeding and medical attention and never got to see the supposed husband.

A concerned neighbor reported the case to the Foundation and we intervened the young lady said her parent married her off to the woman because of their poor condition and against her will but the woman in question claimed that the twin girls were hers,according to her,she said the girl is her paid property ( because of the bride price paid). The woman insisted that the girl can go but leave the twins behind. The matter was eventually settled at Idimu Police Station with the girl and her babies taken to a home (Compassionate Home) until they went back to their village.