Mutiu Badejo

Mr. Okubadejo reported to Jashabel Foundation of one Honorable Mrs. Peju Labinjo whom he worked for two weeks without stating what he will pay him. Mutiu said each time he asks her, she will say until I see Mr. Dele who introduced me to her husband Engineer Labinjo. I kept at my work which was supposed to be Supervisor but was made to do the job of a cleaner, gate man, driver etc.

In February 2017, I gave one of the boys in the company a receipt and five bags of pure water worth (N600) to go and deliver to a customer, so when he brings the money I will write paid on the duplicate which was what Engr. Labinjo instructed me to do to avoid wasting customers’ time. When the water was delivered, the money was not brought immediately and I had gone out to deliver to other customer, when I came back Mr. Labinjo started beating me while the wife was insulting me and my generations, before I knew what was happening he called a battery charger and one of their friend Alfa (that is what we call him) to start beating me and the wife to bring horse whip, another of their friend also joined and the beating continued.

Engr. Labinjo called somebody from Area C Command and they came and asked my own side of story, which I narrated to them, they complained that the Labinjo’s were always like that with their staff. I was taking to the police station that night with another minor boy under 17years who also delivers water. I was detained while the boy was released. I was also made to write an undertaking that I will refund N20, 000 for water stolen etc.

We went to call Hon. Peju Labinjo to Area C to see the Area commander and the DPO begged us to allow him settle it. He queried the DCO while she should allow the boy write an undertaking when the case had not been investigated; Mutiu bailed himself with N5, 000. He treated himself yet he was not paid.

We allowed the DPO do the needful. Engineer Labinjo called and begged and asked what to do, we instructed him to call Mr. Mutiu Okubadejo, whatever he wants is what will happen. After a lot of pleading Mr. Mutiu Badejo told them to pay him N15,000 for his two weeks work, the N5,000 he used to bailed himself and his treatment money N5,000, totaling N25, 000 which they did and the case was close.

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