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Mrs Adeoye Rashidat

Mrs Adeoye came to JASHABEL FOUNDATION on the 10th October,       with the complain that her husband was beaten her always, that she doesn’t give her personal allowance that will enable her take care of herself, children’s petty needs, since he stopped her from working. The foundation invited the husband Mr. Adeoye who sells phone (headsets) at computer village and he made us to understand that he provides everything the house needs , i.e. food stuffs, beverages, school fees, they own their own house, he provides whatever she needs to his capacity e.t.c, the wife has a shop built by him and anytime the kids takes anything they want , she bills it on him, saying he must pay which is the area she claims his owing her. She also joined a club where she started using body cream that turned her into a fair woman overnight, anytime theirs an argument and she blocks him, in trying to pull her out of the way her body turns red, which she attest to it her self-saying the last pictures was not beating but with his hands. We counsel them by letting the man know that domestic violence is a serious crime to commit in Lagos and the nationwide and also, we informed the woman  that whatever she does now will tell on her three (3) daughters in future i.e the continuous fight between her and husband, the abuses ( use of foul language where the children are) leaving the girl child at home till late hours all in the name of club meetings/events is not allowed and should be discontinued. It was settled amicably by the undertaken they both signed.