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Mrs Abiodun Ajayi reported her husband, whom she claimed does not take care of the children’s welfare, not paying their school fees; Blessing is 8yrs, Samson 6yrs and Ifemi is 4yrs old. She alleged that her husband always beats her up at the slightest mistake. Mr. Kunle Ajayi who came to the office, denied all the allegations of beating his wife (domestic violence) but claimed that his wife Abiodun is very stubborn and she always does whatever she wants. He also noted that the wife does not respect him nor cook for him. She locks things like iron, stove, kettle, pots, e.t.c in her room without allowing him access to them. He made the foundation know that he worked with an Insurance company before but when they downsized, it affected him and ever since then he has been looking for another job which is what gave the wife every excuse to do anything she deem fit without seeking his opinion. He also told the foundation that he is in the processing of getting a teaching job, which he believes he will get and everything will be well again. He also told the foundation that he does teaching job for students and also goes for invigilation anytime they call him for that and whatever he is paid he gives to his wife but she is never satisfied.

We invited both of them and counseled them; they both signed an undertaking which specified each other’s respective roles especially Mr. Kunle when he eventually gets a new job and also to keep us updated as per the job progress.

He got the job two weeks later and they both have being fulfilling their agreed parts towards the marriage and upkeep of the children.


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