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They were legally married in 2008 but the center could not hold anymore after four kids between them (a boy & 3 girls). Mr. Oyesanya works with a generator installing company & lives in Ibadan while Mrs. Oyesanya has a hairdressing salon & also into bead making, catering, make-up etc lives with her family & the kids here in Lagos. We intervened when she brought the case to us, called the husband to hear from him & know why he is not taking care of the children despite been gainfully employed. He came & explained, we then called both of them back together to trash out raised issues. At the end, it was established that Mr. Oyesanya was no longer interested in the marriage but was ready to bear part of  the children responsibilities for now till he has finished paying off a loan he collected then he can take full responsibility of their upkeep. An undertaking was prepared for them too, which they both read, accepted & signed for. Till date, the agreement is still biding while Mr. Oyesanya was also advised to do the right thing by going to the appropriate office to dissolve the union

& set his estranged wife free.