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Mariam said her guardian use to wake her up with several kick every 4 am in the morning. She starts working from then till middle of the night or 1am and to be kicked up by 4am again. Mariam said she hardly eats two meals a day. She also told us that she beats her at will, that among the several beatings, she hit her head on tiles and she passed out. Mariam said when she came around she discovered that she was in the hospital. When the doctor came to inquire if it was true that she fell in the bathroom while taking her bath, she couldn’t answer otherwise because her guardian was there maintaining eye contact with her. We contacted the hospital on the case and the medical doctor of the hospital confirmed to us that Mariam Adekoya was brought to their hospital on May 30th 2016, and the medical doctor said Mariam suffered high degree of wound on her head which they said happened through a fall in the bathroom whilst having her bath. We saw several wounds on Mariam’s body which she said apart from cane and belt, she uses mop stick to beat her always giving her terrible wounds. She was taken to Igbogila health center Ayobo for treatment whilst Mariam’s father was contacted to come in from Ijebu – Ikorodu. Mariam’s guardian Mrs. Seri Bello was detained from that Friday till Mariam’s father showed up the day after. He broke down in tears on sighting Mariam, who looked unhealthy, saying that there was never a time that he gave his daughter to Mrs. Seri Bello but her mother who happens to be his own elder sister because Mariam mother developed mental problems, which takes him from one place to another in search of treatment, he then decided not to leave his children all alone at home all by themselves which was what lead to Mariam staying with his elder sister. After a lot of pleading by Mr and Mrs Bello and the entire family, an undertaken was written by Mr. Tunji Adekoya that he will go with Mariam back to Ijebu. Also,the Bellos wrote an undertaken never to take advantage of an underage nor maltreat any child. She was released on Monday 10th, 2017 from Ayobo police station..