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Maduka Eze

We got a call from Mr. Maduka Eze, living at Ayobo that a particular friend of his Mr. Johnson went to his house in his absent and beat up his pregnant wife. When his neighbors called him, and he came back from his shop only for his friend to start another fight with him, which leads to a lot of wound on him.

We reported the case to Ayobo police station. Mr. Johnson was invited and he said it was because he brought Mr. Eze to Ayobo, and whenever he comes to his wife the newly married wife will not allow him into their house, talking to him like he was a stranger; the husband came in the head of the argument and started supporting his wife.

We sensed a lot of jealousy in him, since he Mr. Johnson is not married, though he had pleaded with his friend Mr. Eze, who have agreed to let go but we make sure he took care of the medical bills and also made him to write an undertaken never to near their home without been invited.