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Kemi Badebo

Mrs. Kemi Badebo, a mathematics teacher in a secondary school came all the way from Ogun state. She informed the foundation that her husband Mr. Arinola Badebo has never taken care of the three (3) children she had for him from the unset. She said Ariola’s mother was also never in support of their union.

When we invited Mr. Arinola Badebo, he insisted that his wife (Kemi) turned his life upside down, after he met and started living her. He currently does not have a job as he claimed and we intended taking the matter to the higher authority in (Alausa) since Arinola said he will not take care of the children, that when they are of age, the children will look for their father. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kemi Badejo’s mother – Mrs. Shade Audu, called and asked us to rest the case, and that she is capable and pleading to take care of her grandchildren as she has been doing from the first child.

Kemi Badejo also asked the foundation to rest the case too because her parents were not in support of her making a report against the father of her children in the first instance.