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The foundation was called by an anonymous person, saying that a lady Rita with about 6months old baby boy was seen around Iyana Ipaja brutalized with scars all over her body. She was given the foundation number to call us. She did call and we invited her to the office, where we learnt that her man friend Mr Samson Ado, beats her at will and told her that nobody can do anything to him.

 She said what led to him beating her this time was that he came back drunk and vomiting everywhere in the house, she went and put water for him to take his bath, but he refused to do so, she then confronted him telling him how he is smelling, that he should go and take his bath, this led to him beating her.

He went and brought the kitchen knife which he used on her head, hands and body. She was bleeding until their neighbors came in and rescued her. She was on her way to her man friend’s younger brother’s office when the man who was in the same public bus with her saw her body and gave her the foundation number.

After that night Mr. Samson Udo was nowhere to be found. The foundation contacted the lady’s sister Mrs. Mabel Achu (Joy’s family) to come and take her back. She was treated by the foundation and taken back to Kogi by one of her sibling but Mr. Udo was nowhere to be found. Information got to us about Mr. Udoh’s whereabouts and the DPO at Ayobo Police Station assigned two Officers to us and he was arrested. Presently Mr. Udoh has been released on bail after he had signed an undertaking to be taking care of the daughter’s responsibility by paying and an amount was agreed which he will be paying into the mother’s( Rita) Bank Account.

The Foundation will be following-up to ensure that Mr. Udoh adheres to the agreed terms.