She was tricked by her aunt (Rachel Okon) during Rachel’s father’s burial in Akwa-Ibom to leave the person she was living & schooling with her children in the same school in Owerri, this person happens to be her younger sister (Elizabeth), to come to Lagos & experience a better life. Since she’s been in Lagos for the past 6 months, she was neither put in a school nor lesson rather she looked very emaciated due to constant beating & abuse meted out to her by the aunt & her husband every other day. On a 23rd September, 2016 night we got an anonymous call telling us about a girl who’s aunt after beating her for stealing food, decided to put dried pepper in her eyes & private part!

This was the straws that broke the camel’s back. We called the DPO of the station nearest to the crime scene and directed the caller to go and make a formal report there. The woman was arrested & detained. We got in to Aguda Police station the next morning & saw the gory sight of Glory. One of the policewomen on duty the night she came in, said they had to buy palm oil to pour into her private part because she was still shouting that she was feeling peppery sensations inside her. The food that was bought & given to her at the station was wolfed down with speed that it was obvious Glory was stealing out of hunger. Immediately the case was taken in to the DPO’s office & he saw the maltreatment, he asked Rachel “how many children she had, she said three boys”, then he asked her again “will you beat them like this or allow another person to do same to them?” She answered that, it was frustration that caused it but the DPO was furious and ordered that the case be charged straight to court. She was arraigned in Magistrate court 4 in Surulere then later remanded in custody. Glory Monday was taken to a home for proper treatment and care till her mother came to pick her.

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