GLORIA ISONG 7 Year Old- 2016 – Ogba Ikeja Lagos

The Foundation was called by an anonymous person who reported Gloria Isong maltreatment by her mother’s sister, Mrs. Rose Dele (she is married to a Yoruba man),We discovered from Glory and all the neighbors that she makes her do a lot of chores at home and in her salon. She was stopped from going to school, with the pretense that Glory said she wanted to learn handiwork.


She treks a long distance from home to the shop (salon) while she goes on bike with her two children ( a boy and a girl of 6 and 4 years old), she doesn’t get to eat until afternoon and it’s one meal a day for her and she has a lot of wound on her body, and when asked what how she disciplines her Gloria told us she uses cane, belts and iron sponge (which she uses to scratch all her body). We took her and Gloria to Ogba Police station and the child (Glory) was taken to Women Affairs by NAPTOP, Gloria’s mother was invited to Lagos (her mother came) and she went back to her parent. Mr. and Mrs. Dele was made to write an undertaken never to bring an underage child, or maltreating of any child/children in her custody before she was released.

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