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She said later that day  her children (two girls and a boy) called her from Ibadan telling her that their father came to pick them from school to his mother at Ibadan. The husband then asked her to mention how many children she came to his house with; After two weeks of running to families to intervene, she got a call from her mother-in-law that are two daughters are sick, which made her go to Ibadan, on getting there the mother-in-law shouted that she was a kidnapper and crowd gathered and started beating her until her children proved that she was their mother. After that sad experience she came back to Lagos to find out that her husband had changed all the locks to the house which they both built together. She went to Citizen Rights at Alausa Secretariat to make a report, they called the husband who put off his phone when he realized that he was being called to know why he did not honour the appointment for that day. They agreed to send him a letter of invitation which he refused to accept saying that he is not Mr. Salami. The lawyer assigned to Mrs. Folakemi Salami according to her was advised by the lawyer to see how she can get hold of the kids to Lagos State by any means necessary (since they are outside the state) that when she’s able to get them, that is when they can assist her; at that point was when she saw and copied the number on our (JTAH Foundation) T-shirt. We invited her to the office and did a letter to Public Advice Centre (PAC) and also the media. She was invited and a letter was given to her to Isokoko Police Station where she went with two police men to Ibadan to pick the mother-in-law and the children. The husband appeared when he got a call from the police. They went to court but after much appeal to Mrs. Folakemi Salami not to jail the mother-in- law and her husband, she agreed. The husband was instructed to give her access to the house and the custody of the children was also given her. She is happily united with her family now. Our Foundation made sure we followed the case to a logical conclusion.  .