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Favour Benson Solicit For Financial Support For 3 year Olufuwa Josiah Who Has Cancer Of The Kidney


Hello family, so sorry to bother you but this is an SOS matter.

This little baby here is Olufuwa Josiah, 3yrs+, suffering from Cancer of the Kidney. He is going through excruciating pains on a daily basis, he needs to do 9 chemotherapy sessions. He has done 3 sessions but had to stop due to blood shortage, thank God he had a blood transfusion yesterday and the 4th chemo session was done. He has the 5th chemo on 28th September, while he will be doing the 6th one today 14th October, 2021


Please, we still need your financial support, hence the reason why they are soliciting.
Please whatever your good heart can spare will really be appreciated.
Below is the account details:
*Bank Details:*
Keystone bank
Olufuwa Oluwadare Emmanuel
*Phone Number*: +234 809 885 0710
(You can reach out to them for prayers)
Thank you very much, God bless your kind hearts always, Amen.Ò.