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20th of March, 2020 will always remain indelible in the minds of dignitaries and high celebrities who stormed the octane Planet One Hotel in Lagos to witness this year's edition of the National Conference of Women and Girl Child which was organized by the JTAH Foundation. The event was a well serenaded one by top Nigerians who value women and the Nigerian girl child. The attendees cut across all spheres of the Nigerian vital sectors of the economy which include the banking, oil and gas, investment, entertainment, security and other cogent aspects. The conveyer of the event Favour Benson, delivered a very touching opening speech that rallies round the importance of women and the girl child, the need for them to be educated, given equal opportunity, she also talked about the issue of domestic violence which has seriously affected many homes negatively. She emphasised that the foundation needs half/ safe way home and a rescue bus for the vulnerable Women And Girl Child. The survivors needs where they will be attended to, treated while their case's is been investigated or while the guardian of award is been waited for them to come pick up the child. The bus will be used for rescuing, picking up victims or kid's ( Minors) Hawking on the highways etc The executive director said the foundation is looking at partners who will team up to empower women and the girl child in the areas of education, skills and financial support in their various businesses. Favour Benson describing the topic Raising the 21st Century children in a digitalized world ( Emphasis on the girl child ) she asked that the audience should be relaxed and look forward to the justice the seasoned keynote speaker in person of Modupe Adeyinka- Oni will do to the topic, while not forgetting the panelist who are also on ground to butress further on the theme. The event also had the MD of Lota Medical Center in the person of Dr Patrick Dike who was one of the panelist and who shed more light on Covid-19 pandemic and how to prevent it. The keynote speaker at the event who spoke on the need for parents to listen to their children Career wise and also letting them know the world has gone deeply into technology which stirs up the need for all parents to give their children chance to do what they love and have passion for, she also emphasizes on the fact that in the world today, employment isn’t about what you study, its about the skills we have and the new ideas we have to offer. She also speaks on ‘The Power Of The Internet’ -is the internet the faceless enemy in our children’s lives? She also urged parents to listen to what they are not saying (silent communication,)understand today's pressure and help your child to become resilient unleashing empathy and passion in our children-making kindness a lifestyle leadership attribute, She also stated some pitfalls parents should avoid like; don’t attempt to relieve your life through your children!!!! your children are digital natives develop today the skills and competencies they will need tomorrow, “Todays ‘PASSION’ is Tomorrow’s ‘PAYCHECK’.” These and many more Issues were discussed extensively by the Keynote Speaker.. You can find below the outlines of her presentation The vitality of the event is expected to sanitize the minds of the people towards the relevance of women in the society. Top on the list of attendees were Sola Adeyemo, Favour Benson, Dr. Patrick Dike Modupe Adeyinka - Oni, CSP Tokunbo Abaniwoda, Osodipe Oladapo, CSP Titilayo Oriyomi Olusanmi, Uri Ngozichukwukah Aramide Oikelome, Funke Fayemi, Pst Femi Ndubusi Odebiyi and his ministers,, Omobola Oguntayo, Lolade Salvador, Fumilayo Alli, Peace Isaac - Yerokun, Paul Obazele, Queen Blessing, Ngozi Okoro Maureen Obire, Roseya Okwoli Kenneth Udezueh, Amina Ndim Mitchell Udezueh, Nelly Agwu Ibrahim Mustapha, Bar. Amaka Aga, Bar. Amanda Asagba Rev.Mother Kehinde Osoba Primite Babatunde Ayodele ( Represented) Chief (Mrs) Chioma Ajunwa members and some board of trustees for JTAH FOUNDATION, Zenith Bank, Adeniyi Adeleye. Md, Perfection Real Estate ably represented. MD IBS ( GAPS) Finance Home, John Akinkunmi, Goldbridge Ltd makers of Laba Foods ably represented. Respectable ladies & gentle of the press from NTA, thisday, Citynews, iexclusivenews, touchheartnews, ireportnews, theeditor,spotonnews, fabenmedia,thegeniusmedia,correctnews RoseyaTV, thepublisher, Newsextral, whatahapen and many others who glamorously stormed the Planet One Event Center in Maryland Lagos. It was an event that really matters in the Nigerian society and it will always linger on in the minds of women who gathered and benefitted hugely from the event. It was indeed a day for womanhood and feminism. Many kudos and thumb ups for JTAH Foundation for this noble and gender effective event.

Favour Benson
Mrs. Modupe Adeyinka-Oni
Mrs. Modupe Adeyinka-Oni KeyNote Speaker
Raising A 21st Century Child in A Digitalized World

The managing director of standard bearers School Mrs. Modupe Adeyinka-Oni gave an intelligent speech on ‘Raising A 21st Century Child in A Digitalized World’ at the annual national women & girl-child stakeholders conference which took place on the 20th march 2020 at One Planet Hotel Lagos state Nigeria. She started by saying the internet has become a faceless enemy in the lives of children because things like Cyber Bulling, Mental Health, suicide and 419 has emerged from there but then there is no one to hold responsible or blamed that is why it’s a faceless enemy. These 21st century children are digital natives while most of their parents are sought of analogue trying to learn what these kids learn naturally. However, to enable parents deal with this monster that is sitting in our homes and goes everywhere with us via our telephone, She encourages parents to do the following; 1. Distract your child by igniting their passion: She emphasized that Parents embrace and understand the world wide web as something that has come to stay and it is that teacher that will influence our children either negatively or positively. So, when children are expose to sites and YouTube videos that can develop their passion, the orientation the child gets is ‘that the internet is there to help me develop myself’. 2. Openly discourse fears of the internet with children from an early age: So open discussions are best while you make them understand our values and systems 3. Model your expectation: she stretched that a parent’s interaction with the internet can suggest to the child how to use it too. 4. Cyber Security Safeguard: She informed the audience that Google is doing a good job by getting a lot of people to run courses that will allow them to understand all that they have put in place in terms of cyber security and with that knowledge parents will feel safer when they allow children access the internet. She challenged parents to understand the skills and competence required for THE FUTURE OF WORK Parents have to understand the kind of environment their children live and work in and there for make it their business to prepare them for the future, parents have to be intentional about the kinds of skills that they deposit in their children because we don’t want to wake up and find that they went through school and spent all that money and can’t get their desired jobs. Some of the skills she mentioned the world is clamoring for are; - Collaboration -Reflection -Communication -Adaptability - Curiosity - Information Management - Creativity - critical thinking -Problem solving. She gave example of these five girls from her school that she worked with in a coding competition, she said at first it was difficult for them because they knew nothing about it but it payed off after a while and they won. Below are examples of other Nigerian children that has put their data into self-development and have done exceptionally well. Parents embrace their future and position them with technology having in mind that Tec is the future and without Tec there is no future.

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