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Deborah Idowu, a four years (4) little girl’s case was a pathetic one. We got a call continuously from her mother Mrs. Amoke Idowu on a Saturday telling us she wants to see us, we told her we don’t work on Saturday that she should come on Monday, she agree and after a while she called again that she wanted to see us anywhere, we were at a program with another foundation at Gowon Estate. We then ask her to come in there which she did. Deborah had been fingered by her father from the age of two years, she has a lot of slimmy on her pant, the breast on her chest is bigger than her age. The mother informed us that every time her father Mr. Ademola Idowu comes back, Deborah will head straight to touch his private part which made her mother to be beating her and warning her father not to touch her. She said at four Deborah don’t talk. On July 17th, 2016 she caught the father Mr. Ademola Idowu with his pants down trying to rape Deborah, he started begging her not to shout but she couldn’t bear it but continue shouting for people to come and see and help her. Mr. Ademola Idowu started beating and covering her mouth till morning. She had to run with the children, Deborah 4years, Steven 7years and set of twin girls of 14months to a white garment church, where she told the pastor. The husband discovered where they are and came to beat her, threatening the pastor of the church of adoption of his family, this made the pastor to ask them to leave before someone gave her our number. We called Mr. Ademola Idowu inviting him to our office but he told us that we did not marry his wife for him , nor owns his children , we do not have right to question his actions. The foundation went the very next day morning which was Sunday to make a report at Igando police station, after we have told Deborah mother to play along with the husband concerning the harvest they are having the next day in their church.  The foundation after making the report waited for the family as they approach the expected road they were billed to pass and Mr. Ademola Idowu was arrested by an officer from Igando police station, he was interrogated and also his statement was taken. They filed a medical form to Mirabel medical center approved by Lagos for little Deborah to be examine thoroughly and it was discovered that her chest had some blockage which was discovered to be sperm and also they confirm in their test that there was wound, bruises in her private part due to forceful penetration. The police with that report told his wife to forget about it, forgive her husband and go home with her daughter. We insisted that they do the right thing by charging him to court which the D.P.O said he will do. We were later informed by Deborah mum that they did not go into court and that he was later released and was making jest of her. We then call the D.P.O to tell us when they supposed to be in court, they saw our insistence to go to court but they did not give us any information. We then decided to go with Deborah mother and discovered that the lawyer that Officer of the Public Defender gave her was not in court, where as Mr. Ademola came with his lawyer and some police, in as much as Deborah Idowu is 6years now and she have been given good treatment from the Mirabel center, she has still not gotten justice because of our kind of society and the law. The mother is tired of going to court without any successful headway, we see frustration in her each time the magistrate adjoins the case, the foundation prays that Deborah Idowu will get justice.