We got a call from the DPO Ayobo Police station saying that there’s a woman that broke her daughter’s head because she lost her slippers. The neighbour who feared that she may kill Ini Asuquo (6yrs) took the child to Ayobo police Station to make a report. After the incident that lead to the child’s battering, Chioma without knowing that the neighbours took the child to the police and they went to where she sells her monkey tail known as (paraga). She came back the next day without finding out where her daughter Ini Asuquo was until the police inspector came for her.

She abused the officer and had an altercation with her. We were invited to come in and handle the case. We discovered from Chioma that her husband for 8 years is in Kirikiri for the 5th time because he sells Indian hemp, that she is the only one taking care of the three children, two boys and a girl. The girl Ini is 6 year-old, Udo the second child boy is 4 year-old while joseph the third one is 6 months old. She locks Ini (6yrs) and Udo(4yrs) in their room from 6pm till the next morning looking for their daily bread according to her, since she doubles as their father and mother. We also learnt from her that they don’t go to school since their father was jailed. The Foundation with the assistance of the police and a reporter – Mr Kunle Fajuyi, from the Punch who was at the station to cover the story himself. Chioma Ochemba Asuquo was taken to CHILD PROTECTION UNIT at Alausa, Ikeja. After questioning her, the three kids were taken away from her to a home for proper care and she was asked to come back when she had put all her plans for proper welfare of the children in place.

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