We got a call from someone who was at one of our seminars where we taught children and adult alike on the need to always SPEAK OUT and not die in silence, and also for them to be their neighbour’s keeper. Mr. Sam intended buying plantain chips from Chinedu but when he saw the numbers of injuries on his body, he was forced to ask what happened to him, when he discovered that it was a case of Child Abuse, he decided to inform us. The foundation called the DPO intimating him of Chinedu Izu’s case. He was taken to Mushin Police Station by the good Samaritan on 30th July, 2014.

When the police were speaking with Chinedu Izu, we discovered that he stays with Emeka his elder brother, his wife and three children. He said they stopped him from going to school saying that there’s no money. He was made to sell plantain chips prepared by his brother’s wife to raise money for his school. Anytime he didn’t finish selling they will beat him, deny him food e.t.c., he lives like a slave in his brother’s house. He said that what led to that severe beating of the previous day was that he slept off where he was waiting for the heavy rain to stop and before he realized it, it was evening and the unsold chips were much so when he got home that night, as though the brother had gotten wind of what happened, he came back with 10 cane and without asking him any question, used every single cane on him and he also went to bed without food that night.

The next day, the wife added more chips and they set him out early that Saturday without food and he can’t eat out of the plantain chips either. After taking Chinedu’s statement, the police officers went with him to invite the brother but they met no one at home, on their way out after leaving a message with their neighbors, they met Mr. Emeka Izu on the road with 10 new canes, though he denied that it was for Chinedu, he was arrested all the same. The Foundation informed the Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA) Ministry, which sent one of their staff on a Sunday to meet one of the Foundation’s member and they took over the

custody of Chinedu Izu for proper treatment and to accommodate him till his relatives come for him.

The brother was remanded in custody, while Chinedu Izu was taken to a home after being giving proper care. We later heard from the Police that Emeka Izu was sentenced to three months imprisonment while Chinedu was taken home by their father’s younger brother.

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