She came in to the foundation on 13th February 2017, talking about her baby’s father (Mr. Lazarus Edem) whom she met in 2014 and started dating him till she got pregnant and he promised to marry her but never took care of her until she gave birth to a baby girl (Melody Edem) and was not accepted by his (Lazarus) father.

She had to squat with her sister in the village and she has been the one footing all bills, hospital bills, baby things, feeding her and the baby until she got tired and sent her away with her daughter back to Lagos.

On getting back to Lagos, she went back to Mr. Lazarus Edem’s family house and she was told that they don’t have anything to give her, unless she is ready to release the baby to them. The baby is just a year and 3months old, how could she do that?

Mr. Lazarus Edem also joined in the threats, that she must release the child he never took care of except bought her biscuits and sweets worth N10 each since birth; this made her come to the foundation for assistance and protection. Mr. Lazarus Edem sells foodstuff and has a cold room while his mother sells things in front of their house in the estate.

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