Chibuzor Akaogu


One of the foundation members saw Chibuzor’s body and enquire on what happened to him, he told her and she wanted to meet with his elder brother Chimezie Akaogu, whom she tried to explain to that what he did is called Child Abuse and to let him also know it’s against the law but he said she can go to hell, that he will still beat him up that night for writing a phone number on a paper with my love as the name on it. He insisted that the only way he can deal with him is to leave scars on him that he will never forget it in his live. He also said she can go and call Alausa or the Federal government.

True to his words, he gave Chibuzor another beating on top of wounds, swollen body, face, hands and legs. The foundation member saw Chibuzor the next day, snapped him, went to report the case at Ayobo Police Station and he (Chimezie) was arrested. He refused to give statement at the station, the inspector who was in charge of the case put him in the cell till when he was ready to give his statement (since that day was Friday) by Saturday, he started begging that he was sorry, that he was provoked because of the way Chibuzor was selling to customers on credit.

At the point we came in, the DPO asked that they should take Chibuzor to the health center for treatment, which was funded by the foundation and was later repaid by Mr. Chimezie Akaogu. After a lot of pleading to the IPO and by Chibuzo, who got tired of staying at the police station throughout the weekend, the foundation insisted that Chibuzor’s parents must come to pick him back to the village. The father Mr. Mathias Akaogu came on 7th May 2016, with Chibuzor’s birthday certificate, the picture of himself, his father and mother and Chibuzor in his younger days. Also his local government paper indicating his names and other information. After his statement was taken regarding his identity, he was asked to come and pick Chibuzor the next day. While arranging Chibuzor’s bag he (his father) saw N28, 000 under his box and a new handset which Chibuzor claimed to be his own that it was the money he saved while in the shop, yet he was not paid salary, but was supposed to be learning the trade. The handset and N28, 000 was given back to the brother. Chibuzor Akaogu was officially handed over to his father Mr. Mathias Akaogu on ______ 2016.

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