Chiamaka, an SS2 student came home with her boyfriend and they both slept on her aunt’s bed. When the aunt (Ifeoma Okeke) found out and asked her, she of course denied it out of fear. In anger and in order to get the truth out of her, she burnt her with hot pressing iron on her thigh.

The Foundation was contacted by concerned neighbours and the case was reported at Aguda Police station, Surulere where the DPO assigned two officers to go with us and invited the aunt & Chiamaka to the station. When the DPO saw the extent of wound on her laps, he ordered that the aunt should be arraigned in court for Child/Physical abuse. Ifeoma Okeke is presently serving her jail term in Kirikiri Female prison whilst Chiamaka was taken to the hospital for adequate medical treatment and has been reconciled with her mother in the village.

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