Bola – 4 Years

This case was reported to us by an anonymous person who sent us a detailed description and address of where this child lives. We got in there and saw the little girl like this and we were told by neighbors that, that’s how the father always beat her with anything he lays his hands on at any point time. This particular time, it was an iron that he used to inflict the wound on her and that was why we were contacted because they felt he might cause her more bodily harm. The father was quoted to have said


that “he can do anything he likes with her; after all she’s his daughter. That he will use juju on anyone that dares to intervene”.

When we asked about the girl’s mother, we were told that, that’s how he beats her too whenever she tries to intervene and she has gone to hawk her wares. The child was taken to Moshalashi Police station and the father was invited where he was detained. Whilst we took the child to the hospital for treatment where she spent two (2) days. On discharge, the father who was now remorseful of his wrong deeds wrote and signed an undertaking at the station to stop the maltreatment of the child and the mother but take proper and better care of her. The mother and neighbors are his watchmen, who will give us feedback should he renege on the undertaken that he signed.

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