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Blessing Okoro

th 2016 telling us about the horrible state of life of Blessing so set out to locate the place on a Monday morning at Orile Coker. We first went to make an entry at Orile Police station where the DPO assigned two officers to lead us for the exercise. We all went to Blessing’s school to pick & all the teachers confirmed what the anonymous sender text, thereafter went to the aunt’s school to pick her up & back to the station. After the DPO saw Blessing, he said the aunt should be remanded in detention for transfer to court the next day but it couldn’t be done because she was heavily pregnant. She eventually released on bail after writing an undertaking that she will not be hard on Blessing again but Blessing refused to  go  back  with  her.  She  rather  went  to  stay  with  their  friend  while  we contacted her family in Abia State. We discovered this wasn’t the first time such an allegation will be made against her which she promised wouldn’t repeat itself but it did). Transport fare was made available for the father to come & pick then take her back with him by the foundation..