The Foundation received several calls and repeated text messages concerning one girl Blessing Okoro(12 year-old) who was being maltreated by her aunty Ngozi Eze (teacher and heavily pregnant).

Part of the things the girl was going through were: Being beaten at the slightest provocation, wearing tattered cloths without pants, being fed with left-over foods, bathing without soap, being locked inside without food, being beaten for stealing neighbors’ food when hungry etc.

She has ran away on three occasions, she was brought back home by a security guard the first time, the second time, she wandered around up to Aguda area in Surulere and was brought back by a policeman  from Aguda Police Station. The third time it happened, after being beaten

mercilessly, the aunty now put pepper in her eyes and private part. Both the girl and her aunty were picked up on 15/02/16 from their respective schools and taken to Orile Police Station for proper legal prosecution.

Blessing Okoro was later picked up by her father Mr. Innocent Okoro back to Imo State. Ngozi Eze was released because of her state of pregnancy after an undertaken was written that she will not take undue advantage of an underage nor maltreat any child.

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