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Bamidele Ageshin is a mother of three children, two boys and a girl and the eldest a girl is 11yrs, the second born, a boy 8yrs while the last child is a boy of 4yrs. Her husband, Mr. Ademola Adewunmi threw her out of the house saying that he didn’t want to marry her again because he has seen another person he is in love with. Mr. Adewunmi denied her access to the children from October 10, 2015 till august 23rd, 2016 when she came to Jashabel Touch-A-Heart Foundation for assistance.

The case has already been reported in the customary court. We wrote a letter to Office of the Public Defender (OPD) and a lawyer was assigned to her, they have gone to court three (3) times now.

We are hopeful that no matter how long the case drags. it will definitely come out in favor of Bamidele Ageshin – the magistrate has granted her right of access to see her children while the case is ongoing.