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They all came to the police station, after we had interviewed people in his compound who stated that he maltreats the children. We later discovered that his wife, the mother of Ayomide and Victoria died 13 days after the delivery of Victoria out of beating. He got married to another woman who ran out of the home three months after her delivery because of beating also. We then contacted his late wife’s (Ayomide and Victoria’s mum) family, they came and confirmed that he killed their sister and they left all for God to Judge. We handed over the children to the late wife’s family in Ayobo Police Station and made him sign an undertaking that he will be giving the children monthly allowance of N20, 000, which is his capacity. Also that on no account will he go to his late wife’s family to harass them of the children. This he did till when his mother Mrs. Kunbi Gabriel came back from abroad and called to see us. She pleaded that she wants the in – law to handover the children to her without the interference of her son, Mr. Babatunde Gabriel but he and all the family of the late wife are welcome to see the children whenever they wish. We asked her to go discuss with the family of the late wife, they should get back to us if they agree. After a month, the family of Mr. Babatunde Gabriel’s late wife came to us stating that they agree and support that the paternal grandmother of Victoria and Ayomide should take custody of the children. It was documented and the children were formally handed over to Mrs. Kunbi Gabriel on Sunday  22nd January 2017 at about 7pm at Ayobo Police Station by Mr. Isiaka Buhari, a representative of the late wife Bose Buhari Gabriel. As at the time of this write-up, both Ayomide and Victoria have started attending school where they are staying with their grandmother, and they both looked well-kept too..