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ANU – 12 YEARS OLD Anu is a victim of nothing but pure wickedness, her uncle’s wife – Bola Alao – a teacher, felt Aanu was too sluggish in everything. On this day, 3rd April,  2016. while in the kitchen with her aunt, she was asked to put down the frying pan containing hot oil. In the process, still with the impression of sluggishness, her aunt pushed her from behind to move faster & the hot oil poured on her leg. One of the neighbors who witnessed this sent us an anonymous text message & we came. We saw the girl with a burn that is not well taken care of. We took over & took her to the hospital for treatment, (Aanu refused to go back to her uncle’s house but preferred a family friend’s house) thereafter got a nurse who comes there to do dressing on the wound every other day, all at the financial expense of the foundation. Aanu’s case was reported at Ayobo Police station & the aunt was arrested. After much pleading & writing of undertaking to change, she was released on bail. The foundation took care of Aanu’s transportation fare back to her family in Ibadan, Oyo state..