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Adewunmi Adebisi

Adewunmi Adebisi, a 17yrs old dropped out J.S.S  two student, never knew what a stable home is all her life. She came to the foundation through some group of people who brought her to us because she was found sleeping at odd places like the BRT bus stop, Egbeda market place, churches etc. She said each time she was pursued from one place, she moves to another (area) place.

Her mother died on the day she was named and ever since she has been staying with one person or the other i.e. her great grandmother in Sagamu, then to her grandmother who later sent her to her father after her grandmother’s husband who happened to be a native doctor used bottle to break her head. She was also dealt with by her step mother who refused her schooling when she was in J.S.S two but was left at her home doing nothing. Her father’s landlord later registered her to learn hair dressing, which she had to stop because the father warned the landlord to mind his business. One thing lead to another, she was sent away from home by her father engineered by her step mother (her father’s wife) she went back to her grandmother in Ijoko, Ogun state who warned her not to come to her house again, saying that she is not her mother.

She left her and had been sleeping in a C.A.Church at Bakery bus stop Akowonjo, unfortunately, they were all sent out because a boy that sleeps in the church raped a girl there, so, she was back on the street until they brought her to our office. We got in touch with Child Protection Network (CPN) and we were told to take her to Family and Social Welfare at Ikotun LCDA but were also referred back to Alausa , which is where they will assign her to a home while investigation will commerces.